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Sweet as pie! Check out this Biscoff whipped pie recipe

If you've taken a flight, it's possible you enjoyed a Biscoff cookie with your coffee. I love these special treats and this recipe takes that flavor to the skies and beyond!

Lotus Biscoff Cookies are served on flights by several airlines. According to the company's website, the cookies and its cookie butter are produced at its plant in Belgium.

I love trying out new baking recipes that I find in magazines and online. This one I saw in the latest issue of Taste of Home and I HAD to try it!

To make the cookie butter pie, you'll need Biscoff cookies and Biscoff cookie butter, along with a few other things. To make this I also bought two containers of Cool Whip, two packages of cream cheese, two graham cracker crusts, some caramel syrup and confectioners' sugar.

You can see the full set of instructions here. This recipe won the magazine's grand prize. I'm not surprised. It's amazing!

The recipe makes two pies, which your freeze for about four hours. It's a perfect pie to serve on a hot day if you have guests over. It will definitely impress!

I loved this pie so much, I'm adding this to my recipe book.

Do you have a favorite sweet treat perfect for the summer months?

Share it with me! Just send me an email at

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