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Top Easter basket stuffers for 2023

If you're still working on filling up your Easter baskets this year, there's time to find some great items to put alongside some chocolate eggs and bunnies!

As a busy parents juggling work and everything else in between, the holidays can sneak up on you.

This Easter, I'm rounding up a list of items that you can quickly order or pick up in person while also staying on a budget.

Top Easter Basket Picks:

For children 5 and I under, I just LOVE these matching eggs! Kids love to match up the shapes inside of the plastic eggs. Pre-schoolers can practice identifying colors and shapes. The best part about this playset is that it’s easy to put away and store, so you’re not constantly trying to track down missing little pieces.

Best Books: How to Catch the Easter Bunny is a favorite from this book, which has a series including How to Catch a Unicorn. My 4-year-old and I enjoy reading stories about The Berenstain Bears! The books series has two Easter themed books, but really any of their stories are great for bed time! I know Walmart carries this book, so check stock online before going out in person if you can.

Crafty sticker sets are so fun to break out! If you’re looking to incorporate items that keep kids away from screen time, I suggest these sticker sets on Amazon. Get some white construction or a pad of blank art paper to go with them. Kids love making their own faces and coloring on the pages around the animals too.

Eggs WITHOUT candy! If you’re like me, you want to find ways to limit the candy all in one sitting for your child. One way to get their attention off of all the sweets at once is to fill some eggs with stickers or find eggs that have something else inside. At Walmart I found color and sticker sets stuffed inside Disney character plastic eggs for under $3! Such a deal.

You could also pick up a few extra eggs while you’re at it for the car or at a restaurant to keep your little one entertained. I also like these Barbie Reveal eggs. My daughter loves the Barbie Reveal toys.

Keep the fun going with some vibrant colors on your driveway! Sidewalk chalk brings back memories.

From making your own hopscotch to creative drawings, I suggest picking up a sidewalk chalk set for kids as we’re getting ready to see warmer temperatures this weekend and in the weeks ahead. Most stores have sidewalk chalk sets on their shelves now. You could even likely find some in stock at the Dollar Tree.

This is blog post is not sponsored. Opinions are my own.

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