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Non-candy Easter basket stuffers

If you want to add something extra to your Easter baskets, keep your kids busy with some of these easy to pick up options.

One of the exciting traditions on Easter morning as a little one is waking up to find a basket filled with goodies.

Beyond the chocolate bunnies and eggs filled with sweet surprises, parents and grandparents often add in some extras.

My mom always made sure she added a pair of jellies, those plastic sandals that were all the rage back in late 80's, early 90's. I always looked forward to getting a new pair. I also typically found a Barbie doll or sunglasses stuff alongside my Easter eggs and marshmallow Peeps.

It's a challenge to space out the treats, so look for items to keep kids busy in a variety of ways. I have a list with links below to help out if you're building your basket this weekend.

My Top Five Easter Basket Extras:

1. Easter Egg Shaped Chalk- Give your kids a fun option for decorating the driveway or sidewalk this spring. If you can't find the egg shaped chalk, any kind will do!

2. Books- You can stick with an Easter-themed book or you can venture off the bunny trail with another choice. The Pete the Cat series and Curious George are some of our favorites right now.

Shop local for a wide selection at Leana's Books and More at locations in Austintown and the Grove City Outlets.

3. Summer Accessories! It's spring now, but the warmer temps will be here soon enough. I suggest a cute pair of sunglasses or sandals. A swimsuit cover up or swimsuit is something will come in handy soon enough. Start shopping for swimwear now to ensure you'll get the size and styles you're looking for.

4. Small Toys- I always gravitate toward the Barbie aisle when I'm shopping since it reminds me of my shopping days at Toys 'R Us.

I suggest a color reveal Barbie. The smaller ones might fit better in your Easter basket. For boys I suggest matching egg shapes. Those are great for learning. Floor puzzles or anything Paw Patrol will work too!

Dino eggs are also a fun idea for an older child. They come in sets or they're sold individually. Give your child the chance to 'discover' which extinct dinosaur is hidden inside the egg!

5. Bubbles! My final suggestion is bubbles for the basket. I found fun animal or character themed bubbles at Target. You can shop for these on a budget and they keep kids busy outside.

If you need some help keeping your little bunnies busy this Easter weekend, try pre-prepped craft kit with coloring or a painting activity.

I always find some of my favorite little craft kits at Hobby Lobby.

Hoppy shopping! And Happy Easter!

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