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5 Ways to make Easter special for your kids at home

The Stay-At-Home order remains in effect in Ohio as we head into Easter weekend, but that doesn’t mean we can’t find ways to make the holiday memorable.

Yes we are stuck at home this year away from our extended family, traditional church services and events like meeting the Easter Bunny himself! We are all in this together even though we’re apart and we can still use at-home activities to make the most of this time. 

Here are some fun suggestions:

1. Easter egg hunt with a twist! You can hide eggs with candy in your yard or house, but to up the ante you should put a special message in a few of the eggs! This could lead to a bigger prize of your choice. 

My mom also decorated the bush outside of our house with eggs, by hanging them up with a clear string! It makes for a pretty decoration and it’s something fun for my daughter to see when she looks out the window! .

2. Egg snacks: If you have toddlers or younger children, make snack time exciting by putting something to munch on inside of plastic Easter eggs, like goldfish or cheerios. 

3. Get dressed up and take a family photo! Document this moment. And if you already bought an outfit for your little one like I did, you should use it. They’re only little once! Then you can send the photo to loved ones who can’t join you this year. is offering 50 percent off of everything on its site until Monday, so you still have time to snap a picture and order prints at a discounted rate. I also use Amazon Photo with my Amazon Prime membership. 

4. Easter egg bath time: Bath time is my toddler’s favorite activity. It’s hard to get her out of the tub if she’s enjoying her toys. Use this time on Easter to help your little one learn to count or say the color of the egg they’re hunting for. Give them a spoon to help pick up the eggs and give them to you. It’s good for their dexterity skills to practice holding spoons and opening and closing the eggs too! You can also practice identifying colors. So much fun! This is a must try!

5. Bake a bunny treat! You can’t go wrong with the traditional Easter Bunny cake my Grammy makes every year!

If you want to keep it simple, you can make Easter Bunny trail mix or whip up some Easter themed cupcakes that everyone can help decorate with their favorite sprinkles or jelly beans.

For the trail mix, I found this cool recipe on Pinterest that looks yummy!

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