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Navigating toddler sleep transitions

Moving out of a crib and into a big kid bed can bring about some big challenges if your little one isn't a solid crib sleeper already.

Toddlers tend to test the limits while exploring their new bedtime freedom.

I interviewed Dr. Tracy Lim, who is part of the Cleveland Clinic Children’s Pediatric Institute and the Cleveland Clinic’s Pediatric Sleep Disorders Center.

She offers tips and advice for parents are struggling to get consistent sleep each night. Click here to read my entire post on

Here are the three signs that it’s time to make the switch and read her advice:

1. If your child outgrows his or her crib based on height or weight. 2. If they start trying to climb out of the crib. 3. If they’re doing well with potty training and need to have access to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

Let me know if you're having luck with this advice!

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