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Fall fun with your little ones

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

Now is the time to experience the sights, sounds and flavors of the fall season with your children before the winter weather arrives. As we brace for a potential winter of COVID-19 related restrictions and cabin fever, parents have several destinations and activities to pick from across the region.

I've made a point to get out and about this year. Exploring the outdoors and what Northeast Ohio has to offer certainly helps us keep our minds off of what's happening in the world right now.

If you have an infant, toddler or young children, it's intimidating to think about having to stay mostly in doors this winter. I'm working on a plan for fun activities and crafts we can do to stay busy, but until then, pack up your diaper bag (don't forget a bib and wipes), get a mini cooler ready with drinks and snacks for your kids and hit the road. You'll thank me later!

The leaves are in their peak stage, so get out about, take some pictures and check out some of the places that my family and I have spent time enjoying this year!


Bauman Orchards- Take a drive to Rittman, Ohio, southwest of Akron, and you'll stumble upon a cute community with the perfect place to go apple picking! This was my first time going apple picking since I was really little. It was so fun! My sister and I took my 2-year-old throughout the orchard with a wagon and a bag. While she loved picking apples off the trees, my daughter was more interested in helping to bag up the apples and push the wagon! Then I took some skin off the apples with my teeth and she LOVED having her very own apple to snack on. Soft enough to chew and oh so sweet! They also have a cute shop and a playground!

White House Fruit Farm- If you haven't heard of White House Fruit Farm, you're missing out! This is one of the top destinations in the Mahoning Valley! They're famous for their apples, cider and blueberry donuts. They have the best donuts hands down. Check out their website for their fall festival hours on the weekends. We enjoyed looking at the pumpkins, watching the birds in the big birdhouse and snacking on donuts with apple cider slushies.

Szlay's Farm and Market- I've been going to Szlay's my entire life. My dad would take me to pick out our locally grown sweet corn off of a truck every year. Located in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, you can do much more than just pick up a dozen ears! Szlay's makes fresh hotdog and sausage sandwiches, buttered corn on the cob and frozen yogurt with fresh fruit right outside of its market. This is my go-to place for produce. If you want to make an afternoon of it, go walking on the Towpath Trail in downtown Peninsula or nearby and then stop at Szlay's for locally grown items to take home.

Iron Mill Farmstead- I love exploring places in Western Pennsylvania! Both sides of my family moved to Ohio from Pa. and I love checking out places that we would visit growing up. My friends recently suggested this farm in New Wilmington and it's so cool! It's located within an Amish community, so you can bet you'll find some delicious food on your trip. The fall festival days require you to buy tickets, so hurry up and get planning!

Walnut Creek Cheese- Each year I try to make at least one trip to Amish Country in the Holmes County area in Ohio. I love the Walnut Creek Cheese complex! They sell everything you expect from Amish Country and more! I even grab my holiday baking decorations in this store. I love the sprinkles for cupcakes and candy. The selection is amazing. The really inexpensive coolers if you forget to bring one, so you can take home cheese, bacon and anything else you see! I also suggest stopping by Coblentz Chocolate Company, and the Der Dutchman restaurant- they have a gorgeous view of Amish Country from their windows.

I hope this helps you set out on new adventures with your little ones! They grow so fast! I'm enjoying taking it all in while enjoying the views that this area has to offer!

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