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Baby and toddler Easter basket ideas

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Easter's on its way! Before it's time for the Easter bunny to hop into town, you need to get a basket ready.

Here are my top picks:

1. I ordered these color and shape matching eggs and they look so fun! Giving your little ones an entertaining reason to sit still and work on their dexterity skills is a double win.

2. Buy a bag of empty eggs. Instead of stuffing them with candy that our kids can't chew, or should even be eating just yet, get them wet! I found this idea for a baby Easter egg bath on Pinterest and I can't wait to try it. A new adventure that your little one will enjoy. Egg bath, bottle and bedtime, done!

3. Stock up on a swimsuit and a pair of sandals. I got a pair of jelly shoes in my Easter baskets every year as a child. I stay buy a swimsuit now, because they get picked over fast. And size up! Usually kid swimwear runs about one size small.

My favorite stores for baby and toddler swimwear: Target, Hanna Anderson, Janie and Jack and

4. Bubble bath! Toddlers love bubbles like I mentioned in my post about keeping toddlers busy during the coronavirus outbreak that they're good for developing vision- especially their tracking skills.

5. Teethers are great, because you need them often. From babies to 2-year-olds, I'd say my favorite one we've used so far is the Nuby Nananubs Banana Massaging Toothbrush. You can order it online and store it in your fridge to keep it cold.

6. High Chair Accessories! You can fill up a basket quick with any of these essentials: spoons, snack/meal time bowls,

7. The ONLY way I can successfully take my toddler out to eat with the least amount of drama is with our silicone suction placemat. I'm so thankful these were invented! I won't go out to eat with my daughter without this baby. The one I linked here looks pretty close to the one I got from my baby shower registry.

8. For girls- Frozen anything. I put a few Disney Frozen II items in her basket for this year. She really likes these coloring sets that we take on the go to keep her busy. The best part- they're a $1 each! I love a good deal. They're worth every penny. I buy just a few at a time at Target. But if you're shopping online or want them for a party, here's a link for them in bulk.

9. Reading to your kids everyday is so important! Thankfully we are into books at our house. Elmo is also popular, so why not get The Great Easter Race! with Elmo starring as a bunny!

10. Babies and toddlers love stacking cups! We used these at the pool when she was 10 months old. Now that she's almost 2, we still play with them!

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