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5 Ways to keep toddlers busy during the Coronavirus outbreak

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

It's not fun to be stuck inside, but let's face it- unless it's nice outside, most of us moms don't want to lug a little one around much anyway.

I found a few ways to keep my daughter active and learning as we wait for this pandemic to pass:

1. Dance, dance, dance!

A fun way to get exercise is to turn up the music! I'm lucky to have a mirror wall in my basement. If you don't have one it's ok! Just turn on some of your favorite pop hits or download Toddler Tunes, Toddler Songs or your little one's favorite Disney movie soundtrack! We love Moana in our house or even on the go in the car.

2. Invest in a ball pit!

My daughter got this Disney Frozen ball pit for Christmas and we use it all the time! We ordered a few extra balls too just in case it didn't come with enough.

Here's few other options too:

3. Learn to color (without making a mess)

I was so excited to find out they make markers that ONLY work on specific coloring sheets! We found this Frozen coloring set at Target in that fun deal section when you first walk into the store. I honestly can't tell you how many little things I pick up from that spot in the store, but back to my point ... you need to practice and teach your little one to use their fingers and this is a fun way to do it.

4. Animal magnets!

My mom found these animal magnets at TJMaxx and brought them over! She also picked up a cookie sheet so we could play with them without going over to the refrigerator. Grandma has great ideas! We practice the name of the animals and the sounds they make!

A great tip I read online and when I first became a mom, is to ask your child a question and then pause. Give them time to try and answer! They might not get it right away, but over time it will happen! I often ask her at the changing table what sound each animal makes, so that I can get her to sit still. It works.

5. Buy a bubble machine!

Bubbles bring back memories from when we were little. Little ones remember things like that and that's why bubbles are a great way to keep them occupied. In the baby gym class we go to, we learn about how it helps toddlers with developing their tracking skills!

I suggest bubbles you can blow outside as the weather starts to warm up, or this bubble machine, which is similar to the one I ordered on Amazon.

*If you have any more fun ideas, please share them in the comments below! Stay safe and yes, we can get through this together!

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