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My top 5 baby shower gifts

Pandemic or not, families are still getting ready to welcome babies on the way. If you don’t know what to buy or you’re not ready to go shopping in person, here are my top suggestions that you can order online or pick up in stores!

Expectant moms have a lot to juggle this summer- from additional safety guidelines to preparing for their new bundle of joy.

Some won’t get to have the baby shower of their dreams this year, so to help them make this time in their lives extra special, I created a list of my favorite baby shower gifts that I couldn’t live without as a new mom.

Retail stores are reopening for business, but if you don’t feel ready to head out in person, you can still order online and have gifts delivered to their doorstep.

Here are my top 5 gift ideas:

This teether has saved me more times than I can count. Finding the right teether for your child is like trial and error. Some work, but many of them don’t make the cut. It’s all up to your little one to decide. I also had great luck with what we call the “chew-mote” remote control shaped teether, which she used a lot when she was an infant.

2. Back is best at bedtime. So for the best peace of mind that your child is safe overnight, I recommend a Halo sleep sack. The cotton one is great during warmer months. The fleece is nice during the winter time. You don’t have to dress your infant in too much underneath. Zippers are your friend! Especially with an infant who doesn't love getting dressed. Fussy babies can make it tough to get them ready in a clean outfit. If you buy this, I'd also pair it with a zip up onesie or a pajama set. Just no snaps please!

3. Wash. Dry. Feed. Repeat. Your baby will go through bottles quickly each day, so having a nice place to dry them and all the pieces and parts is helpful. I love the Boon Grass Countertop Baby Bottle Rack

4. As your baby grows from about 4 months and on, you’re probably going to be looking for ways to help them sit up and play. I used one of these Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up seats for months! It’s my go-to gift idea for my friends. It has a tray for playtime and learning to eat some solids. I can’t say enough about how much I love this product. Buy one if you didn’t get it at your shower. I promise you’ll love it.

5. I use Mustela baby products for bath time. This newborn set is great and goes a long way. The smell is my favorite!

I loved having my family and friends help me prepare for my baby on the way in 2018. Time flies and times change. This pandemic has really taught me to appreciate every moment.

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