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Spreading the love with easy Valentine’s Day crafts and heart shaped fun

It’s too cold to play outside, so to beat the winter blues by keeping your kids busy with some crafts!

We've been socially distancing from friends and family a lot over the past year, so this Valentine's Day weekend why not deliver handmade valentines to your parents or grandparents from your little cuties.

We’re often focusing on teaching our little ones about shapes, their ABC’s, numbers and colors.

For younger and older kids, I suggest making handmade Valentine’s with some personality. I found some easy designs by searching online.

My favorite one so far- heart people!

For this craft you’ll need:

  • Red, pink and white construction paper

  • Crayons or markers

  • Heart stickers and heart foam stickers

  • Glue on eyes

  • Glue stick

I found my supplies at Hobby Lobby, but any craft store will do! Fold your paper in half and cut out several large hearts, then let your child decorate!

Place the eyes on the heart and draw a face. Then cut out some legs with white paper and fold them up.

Let your kids glue on the legs, they’ll love using the glue stick! We decorate them with regular heart stickers and foam glitter heart stickers.

Tip: Be sure to cut up the sticker sheets into small segments, so that they don't use them all up on one heart.

You can also try making plain hearts if your little one likes to color and use stickers.

It’s a fun bonding experience!

Toddlers are busy, so as you can imagine I’m ALWAYS looking for inspiration on how to keep her occupied and away from screen time.

I would say these cold months have been a challenge with kids. We're so limited on what we can do and where we can safely go, so I invested in this cool craft kit from Amazon. I can't wait to use it!

I also saw some ideas on Pinterest for a heart wreath and picture frame- so we might try those next.


Spread the love and drill down on the heart shaped holiday by cutting out their lunch sandwich in the shape of a heart.

You can do this for cookies, jello jigglers and much more. When my toddler is teething, the jello is a go-to. My daughter also loves honey, so I made her a special heart-shaped peanut butter and honey sandwich for lunch!

Time saving tip: You can make these ahead of time by wrapping them up and putting them in the fridge.

More heart shaped snacks: cheese and crackers, heart shaped fruit kabobs, veggies, cookies, quesadillas- even heart shaped pancakes!

Use your imagination to remind your little ones about love and kindness this week!


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Aka Narrie Javersak 💜



Once again girl you took me back in time to my girl's when they were young. Looking forward to doing this with my coming soon granddaughter, 💞

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