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Staying positive during the stay-at-home order

As the coronavirus pandemic sweeps across the nation, many of us are forced to stay home to stay safe. It's time to get creative and fit to help pass the time!

It's hard to see what's happening in our communities as the stay-at-home order remains in place here in Ohio. It's heartbreaking to know many are going to fall ill or lose loved ones.

As we hear the sad news updates (or in my case reading them to you during the news), we need to keep in mind we're all doing what we can to control the outbreak.

Instead of worrying all day long, we need to follow the proper protocols and focus on the positives.

We have to stay healthy mentally and physically, so why not have fun with it?!

On my days off, I'm with my toddler who loves to dance, play and get into everything! Instead of chasing her everywhere, I have her play along with me. She loves the exercise ball! I bounce her on it, carefully, and it's like a mini trampoline experience.

Teaching your toddler to jump is also another skill where you show and tell. Meaning, you get exercise while she does too.

Have your child point to their head, shoulders, knees and toes. They get a kick out of knowing which is which. And when they do it right- be sure to praise them! Give a big kiss, hug or clap. Positive reinforcement truly works.

Practicing a forward roll is an important skill that takes repetition. I would focus on body-mind awareness skills in the days ahead if you can.

I used to be a state certified cheerleading/gymnastics coach in Ohio, so these are a few tips I picked up along the way.

When we're looking for a new challenge, we even use pillows from the couch to make a mini obstacle course! (Please be very careful when doing this!)

Playing hide and seek works too. Just pick an area where your child won't run into anything too sharp. We run in circles doing this and it wears her out.

Staying active together is a great way to bond with your baby too.

We used to go to our weekly class at The Little Gym, before every business was forced to shut down. That was our big outing every week.

So creating a new exercise and playtime routine with your little one is just another way you can change things up at home, where you're stuck spending all of your time these days.

We're almost done with our self quarantine right now. I'm happy to report we're all feeling healthy and did not get sick or show any symptoms. I credit eating balanced meals, exercise and our focus on fun- when it's free time- for keeping us strong.

Prayers for you and your family right now! We can do this together. I hope this inspires you do try something new!

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